Fort Collins Move In / Move Out Cleaning

This is a list of our basic services when cleaning a move in or a move out home. This is usually performed in an empty residence. Let us do the dirty work for you!

Note: We will only clean behind appliances, if someone is home to move them out, or if they are moved out for us. We will not move any appliances, due to liability.

What We'll Do For You


If you are able to unplug the fridge or turn it down it will save time for your cleaning crew. If available, running the self-cleaning cycle on the oven the day before will also help save your team time.

The fridge gets a total cleaning, inside and out and top to bottom, including the grate at the bottom.

The oven will be cleaned inside and out. The hood and lower drawer will be detailed as well to the best of our ability and time allowance. The floor under the oven drawer can be cleaned, if you want and has been included in the work order.

If you do not have a self-cleaning cycle, our team has tools at their disposal to do a thorough job. The office staff needs to know this for bidding and time scheduling.

Note: If it was not disclosed that there is no self-cleaning cycle or it was not run a full day prior, we may not be able to clean the oven. We will allot 15 minutes (the average time it takes to clean an oven that has had a clean cycle run) to this task and no more without more time and money added to your rate

Cabinets will be cleaned inside and out. We do not clean the tops of kitchen cabinets for liability reasons.

All lights (recessed and hanging), will be dusted. Exceptions are lights with loose globes, greasy and out of reach lighting will not be cleaned.Windows above sink and sill will be wet wiped on the inside

Glass doors, or glass inserts, will be cleaned, inside and out (weather dependent), as well as tracks

Microwave will be cleaned inside and out, including the vent. We will do what we can do with the underside of hood, depending on the level of grease build up and time allowed.

Light switches, backsplash will be thoroughly cleaned as well as spot wiping walls (if grease build up is an issue, and we risk damaging paint, we will stop)

Floors will be detailed cleaned including baseboards


Front and back of doors, light switches, floor boards, lights and any other fixtures will be wiped down

All tile will be scrubbed and wiped dry. Mold and soap scum will be dealt with to the best of our ability. Bleach is only used if needed. (We are not responsible for mold stained grout. Cleaning will not change black mold)

All glass will be polished streak free, except for hard water stains.

We will not handle biohazards (feces, blood, vomit needles or animal waste)Note: We can make recommendations for contractors who deal with grout issues.

Cabinets will be cleaned inside and out

Toilet will be thoroughly cleaned, using a pumice stone if need be, on the inside. Water valve and back of toilet will be wet wiped

Floors will be detail cleaned, including grout if applicable and time allows


All lighting, fans and ceiling/upper walls get attention for dust and cobwebs (within reach of our equipment and safety parameters)

Blinds, in good condition, will be feather dusted. If the blinds are very dusty, it may take several cleanings for the blinds to look their best. If arrangements have been made, and your blinds are in good condition, we may wet wipe your blinds. Over time, blinds and strings/cords will become brittle and weakened from exposure to the sun and wear and tear of usage resulting in damage or breaks. In some cases, it can be cheaper to replace blinds than to clean.

Window sills all get wet wiping, along with baseboards and spot cleaning the walls and light switchesNote: We will not fully wash walls unless this is specified, we cannot remove marker, crayon, wax or other materials without damaging paint

Vents will be cleaned with a brush if need be and as time allows

Fireplaces will get dusted with feather and high duster as we are able ( if grout is old and crumbling, we reserve the right to not clean)

Glass doors, and glass insets, will be cleaned, inside and out (weather dependent), as well as tracks

Floors get detailed vacuuming along edges and stairs, as well as thorough vacuuming throughout

We mop and dry hardwood floors

Laundry room gets a full clean:

All closets are cleaned inside and out with wipe down of shelving

Handrails and banister get wet wiped

We expect a move out clean to be empty and free of furniture and debris. If there are furniture pieces present, we will move small items like a rocking chair, but will not move heavy or challenging items.Debris will either be thrown in trash or moved to one corner of a room and left. If there is too much trash or debris, we reserve the right to refuse service. With a fee to cover our trip and expenses.If there are things on or in the carpet it will take the team more time to pick the items up and the carpet may not get as thorough vacuuming. Please pick up Lego’s, pennies, rubber bands, hairpins etc. before your team arrives.

Why We Love Fort Collins

Fort Collins, CO is our headquarters and our home. From spending so much time in this town, our company has developed great relationships with the local community. It’s a wonderful town full of great people, and families have never felt so welcome in this city. With plenty of opportunity, attractions, and local restaurants nearby, Fort Collins makes for the perfect spot for any homeowner or family. If you’re looking to get out of the house while we clean it, just west of town is the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space is a perfect spot to get outdoors and hit the trails. If you’re wanting to take the kids out but stay indoors, the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is a perfect spot for families to have some fun together and get a break from work. With local restaurants, and breweries, like New Belgium Brewing or Odell Brewing, this town has great opportunities to explore the town and make memories. For this reason, we’ve absolutely loved serving our community here, and we’re happy and excited to continue bonding with this great city.

If you’re ready to clean out your old home and look forward to the future, click the booking button above and schedule your cleaning today!

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