Fort Collins Ongoing Basic Cleaning

Basic or general cleaning is a maintenance style of cleaning. This service is most commonly performed weekly, every other week, or at least on a monthly basis.  We will be thorough and detailed with high traffic areas and maintain on a rotation basis, chores that do not need regular attention. A flat rate is usually assigned to basic cleaning services once a relationship and expectations are established.  Any extra detailed cleaning (eg. cabinets fully washed, inside of fridge or oven etc.) may be added, or removed as your wants, needs, budget change. It is best to make scheduled changes to your cleaning work order well in advance, so as not to interrupt other customer’s scheduled time for their cleaning. A well-maintained home is a joy and has value beyond the extra time to do other things. It is our pleasure to care for your home. Below is a list of what you can expect with our basic cleaning service.

What We'll Do For You


  • Clean top to bottom, left to right (all dusting except globe lights that are loose or unstable in some way and tops of kitchen cabinets)
  • All counters: moving items to clean under them and back splash (please let us know if you have stone that needs special care)

Note: Old grease stains may need time and multiple cleanings for us to get rid of them. Grease on paint is not guaranteed to come out. More often than not, the paint will come off before the grease does.

  • Spot clean fronts of cabinets for spills and dust (occasionally they will need washing)
  • Window and sill above kitchen sink (inside only)
  • Kitchen sink and drain (we brush the rubber seal)
  • Inside and outside of microwave including the vent (underside is extra and done as a deep clean service if it is part of the range set)
  • Top, front and sides of all appliances (If fridge top is used as storage we will not move all items unless this is part of your flat rate and agreed upon ahead of time)
  • Clean and polish sink and fixtures
  • Dine in tables and chairs
  • Glass doors: inside and outside if weather permits
  • Floors and area rugs (mop and vacuum)
  • Wipe down trash cans


  • Clean top to bottom, left to right, High and low dusting
  • Lights and mirrors (Loose light globes will be avoided)
  • Spot Clean cabinets, doors and light switches and baseboards
  • Toilets: Total clean inside and out

Note: We do not clean biohazards such as feces, blood, vomit or animal waste

Showers and tubs: Tile, glass and tracks, under all product, maintenance of grout (we cannot clean black mold stained grout, this needs a specialist)

  • Sinks
  • Doors: sanitizing knobs every time and maintenance wiping of all dust and prints
  • Floors: hand wiping around toilets and full mopping and drying
  • Hand wipe baseboards
  • Wipe outside of trash can


  • High and low dusting (pole duster for fans, recessed lights, window ledges and vents, feather duster and microfiber rag for all other dusting) baseboards as needed
  • Glass doors, cleaned inside and outside, weather permitting
  • We wet wipe window sills
  • Blinds, in good condition, will be feather dusted. If the blinds are very dusty, it may take several cleanings for the blinds to look their best. If arrangements have been made, and your blinds are in good condition, we may wet wipe your blinds. Over time, blinds and strings/cords will become brittle and weakened from exposure to the sun and wear and tear of usage resulting in damage or breaks. In some cases, it can be cheaper to replace blinds than to clean.
  • Light weight furniture and items are moved during floor cleaning, and furniture is cleaned underneath. Carpet, area rugs, edges and stairs, are vacuumed
  • Hard surface floors are vacuumed, or dust mopped before wet mopping.
  • Hard surface floors are mopped
  • Hardwood floors are dried after mopping
  • Light switches and door knobs are wiped
  • If accessible, and safe, areas around and under electronics will be feather dusted

Why We Love Fort Collins

Fort Collins, CO is our headquarters and our home. From spending so much time in this town, our company has developed great relationships with the local community. It’s a wonderful town full of great people, and families have never felt so welcome in this city. With plenty of opportunity, attractions, and local restaurants nearby, Fort Collins makes for the perfect spot for any homeowner or family. If you’re looking to get out of the house while we clean it, just west of town is the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space is a perfect spot to get outdoors and hit the trails. If you’re wanting to take the kids out but stay indoors, the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is a perfect spot for families to have some fun together and get a break from work. With local restaurants, and breweries, like New Belgium Brewing or Odell Brewing, this town has great opportunities to explore the town and make memories. For this reason, we’ve absolutely loved serving our community here, and we’re happy and excited to continue bonding with this great city.

If you’re ready to get your home’s ongoing basic cleaning started, click the booking button above and schedule your cleaning today!

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