Dependable Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning in Windsor, CO

Meticulous service for your utmost comfort

Our move-in and move-out cleaning service makes relocating to or from Windsor a breeze. Your relocation will go smoothly because:
  • Our team will eliminate every last trace of dirt from your former home.
  • You’ll more easily get your deposit money back from your landlord.
  • You’ll have more time for packing and taking care of other details.
  • Your new residence will be neat and hygienic when you show up.
  • You’ll successfully turn over a new leaf.

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    User-friendly booking system

    Find out the price estimate for your move in/out clean by entering your information in our online form.

    Dependable specialists

    Our crew consists of carefully selected, background checked, and thoroughly trained professionals.

    Flexible & responsive

    We'll gladly accommodate your requests and customize your service to suit your household.

    Reasonable prices

    Our pricing is transparent from the start and the quality we render is well worth the investment.

    This is how we operate

    Our crew performs efficient move-in and move-out cleanings in Windsor and the surrounding areas, ensuring that the end result always hits the mark.


    Book our detailed move-out or move-in cleaning in a heartbeat - we’re readily available to take your call or receive your online form submission.


    Our trained technicians will be at your address at the designated time to tackle any challenge. They’ll work quickly, efficiently, and with your needs in mind.


    With this task out of the way, you’ll get the chance to get ready for your moving day and rest from packing and making arrangements for the upcoming move.

    The highest standards. The happiest clientele.

    It is our priority to deliver excellent results and give our clients top quality in return for their trust. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is yet another way in which we ensure your happiness with our move-in and move-out house cleaning across Windsor. If something about our services failed to meet your expectations, don’t hesitate to inform us. We’ll provide you with a prompt and free re-clean of the area. Count on us for a seamless customer experience!

    Our move-in/out cleaning in Windsor is handy as can be

    We know that relocation can be a very exhausting process, which requires many careful considerations and lots of time and effort. For this reason, we have designed a comprehensive move-in/out cleaning service that brings you the ultimate convenience. We’re at your disposal across the region, always ready to tackle any duties meticulously and diligently.

    Our client-oriented approach is widely praised

    We love the service. The cleaners definitely are reliable and detail orientated. They are always at our house when we expect them to be, and it is such a pleasure to come home to a clean house.

    Dave & Louann Fort Collins, CO

    I have used Reliable Cleaning Services for over a year, after trying several others. I love the fact that they clean in a group of three. When I used just one person, a lot of things were missed. With three people they really concentrate on each room thoroughly! The name “reliable” fits them great. They have never missed an appointment and have worked with me when my schedule does not allow to have them on a certain day. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Donna Windsor, CO

    I really appreciate Reliable Cleaning customizing their cleaning according to what my needs are. They also do a smaller, special project for me each time they clean which is greatly appreciated!

    Joanne Fort Collins, CO

    We have really appreciated the services that we get from the team at Reliable Cleaning. The ladies are great.

    J.W. Fort Collins, CO

    Reliable Cleaning has been the perfect answer to our prayers. We are new to Fort Collins and find the cleaning crew with Reliable to be courteous and friendly. They do a great job cleaning and are able to do whatever we might ask to be done. They do not smoke which is a bonus to us as we are allergic to smoke.

    Julia Fort Collins, CO

    I’ve been with Reliable Cleaning for over 4 years. They are very reliable, do a great job, and have reasonable rates. They are very flexible and accommodating with scheduling issues. They care about their customers and go the extra mile for them. When I had surgery, the girls were so kind and did all kinds of extra tasks while I recovered. Five stars!

    Suzan Fort Collins, CO

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Basic cleaning is typically done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Its purpose is to keep a house consistently clean and it usually includes essential chores, such as vacuuming, dusting, and sanitizing. On the other hand, a move-in/out house cleaning in Windsor is more extensive and is typically performed on an empty or mostly empty space. It will usually include certain chores that most people rarely do, like tackling the inside of your closets, the interiors of your bathroom and kitchen cabinets, etc.

    Move-in cleaning is meant to prepare your new home for your big moving day. We’ve designed a thorough checklist that covers every area of the house:

    • Kitchen:
      • The interior and exterior of your refrigerator
      • Microwave and oven
      • Cabinet exteriors and interiors
      • Dusting lights and light switches
      • Glass surfaces
      • Vacuuming the floor, carpeting, and rugs
      • Mopping the floor
    • Bathroom: 
      • Wet wiping doors and light fixtures and switches
      • Mopping the floor
      • Polishing glass surfaces
      • Cabinet interiors and exteriors
      • Toilets
    • Bedrooms and living room:
      • Dusting walls, ceiling fans, blinds, and lights
      • Wet wiping window sills and baseboards
      • Vacuuming the floor, carpets, and rugs
      • Mopping the floor
      • The interior and exterior of closets

    Feel free to request additional services and personalize your checklist so it fully matches your requirements.

    Although you could do it yourself, most people find it immensely helpful to have trained cleaners they can rely on during their relocation. Professional move-in cleaning in Windsor will reduce both your workload and your stress levels. Also, while you’ll probably be distracted with other responsibilities while you’re getting ready for the move, a trained specialist will be 100% dedicated to their tasks.

    We’ve worked out a system of move-in and move-out house cleaning that’s simple and effortless as can be. Instead of trying to cram large-scale cleaning onto your long to-do list, give us a call and put trustworthy professionals in charge of your home.

    The duration will vary depending on certain specifics. For example, the size of the home plays a big part in how long your technicians will have to work. Also, if it’s been a while since the home was last professionally cleaned, you can expect your move-out and move-in cleaning to take longer. Finally, if you wish us to perform any additional chores, they will take extra time as well.

    Contact our team and request a free price estimate. We’ll be happy to chat with you, assess your specific needs, and supply you with your free quote.

    This term refers to a thorough disinfection process conducted when vacating a property. It involves more extensive tasks than regular upkeep, such as deep cleaning carpets, scrubbing surfaces, and addressing any accumulated grime. The goal of move-out cleaning in Windsor is to leave the space in tiptop condition for the next occupants.

    While both aim for a thorough, detailed approach, they differ in focus. A deep clean is a comprehensive, periodic upkeep addressing accumulated dirt and grime. Move-in or out cleaning in Windsor ensures the property is in pristine condition for you or the next occupants, and is typically performed on a property that has previously been emptied of all or most furnishings.

    Start by tackling high-traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Clear out cabinets and appliances, wiping surfaces thoroughly. Next, tackle bedrooms and living spaces, dusting and vacuuming. Wash windows and floors last. Prioritize taking care of items you’ll transport to ensure a fresh start in your new space. For comprehensive move-out cleaning, don’t forget overlooked areas such as baseboards and light fixtures.

    Reliable Cleaning Services is your go-to company for dependable, thorough, and timely services that will free up your schedule and put your mind at ease. If move-in/out cleaning is not what you’re looking for, you can also contact us for detailed house cleaning services in Windsor or request an expert deep cleaning service. Our crew can also implement a weekly cleaning routine that will keep your home hygienic every day. We’re available if you wish to fully customize your cleaning package, too.

    Have a fun time at the Art & Heritage Center or get active at Chimney Park Pool. In the meantime, our crew will be using their expertise and attention to detail to bring top-level cleanliness to your home. Contact us today!