An Expert Guide to Creating a Weekly Cleaning Routine

A weekly cleaning routine is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and clean home. The goal is to clean each room in your house once per week, with the exception of the bathroom and the kitchen which you should clean, or at least touch up, every day. Take a look at some vital information you need to create a detailed and well-organized weekly basic house cleaning routine for your home in Fort Collins.

What cleaning should be done weekly?

It all depends on your lifestyle. If you have pets, if you cook or bake regularly, if you have kids, then the answer to this question will be different. However, in general, there are certain areas around the home that most individuals should focus on cleaning every week in order to maintain a healthy level of cleanliness for their family

Here is a simple list that can help you with weekly house cleaning, divided by room:

  • Kitchen: Wipe down countertops, stovetop, and table surfaces. Clean the sink with soap and water. Sweep or mop your floor (if applicable).
  • Bathroom: Take out trash bins. Scrub toilets with tile cleaner to remove any stains. Thoroughly clean showers/tubs using shower spray cleaner; wipe away all moisture left over after you’re done cleaning it off tiles walls and floors. 

Mop bathroom floors if they have been exposed to dirt while you were scrubbing tubs/showers. This ensures there is no residual grime on the surface when family members walk around barefoot. 

  • Bedrooms: Make your bed. Dust all surfaces of furniture, headboards and floors with a damp cloth/paper towel (skip the dusting if you use feather down comforters or cotton blankets that don’t attract dust). Vacuum area rugs and carpets.
  • Living room: Sweep up any crumbs on the floor; vacuum clean it to remove dirt, dust or pet hair. Wipe away smudges leftover by family members using glass cleaner in a spray bottle for cleaning windows and TV screens when watching movies. 

Use fabric softener sheets to wipe down sofas and chairs to get rid of particles like pet hair. Pet hair easily accumulates on the sofa and other areas of your living room after contact with our furry friends. That is why you should pay special attention to this when cleaning your living room.

Where to book reliable basic house cleaning services across Fort Collins?

There are many reasons why it is important to clean on a daily basis for keeping your home clean, healthy, and fresh. Also, there are some monthly cleaning tasks to tackle and that is where a good cleaning schedule can help you a lot. However, there’s something else that can help you a lot with your home cleaning, and that’s a professional cleaning team. 

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