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6 Most Common Cleaning Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

You wouldn’t think that there is more to cleaning than just grabbing your supplies and wiping down everything you see. To most homeowners, cleaning seems like a pretty simple activity – vacuum and mop the floors, wipe down the tables and shelves with a microfiber cloth, and follow the instructions printed on the bottle of cleaning solution. When you look at it this way, there is not much room for error, right?

Yet, there are some mistakes that homeowners make during cleaning, which is completely normal, and the cause is almost always one of these two: lack of information or inexperience. Unfortunately, having the right tools for the job does not guarantee that you will successfully deep clean and disinfect your home like a pro

The easiest solution is to hire a provider of deep house cleaning service in Fort Collins and you’ll be sure that your home is clean and tidy. However, if you’re ready to tackle chores by yourself, make sure to steer clear of these common problems during cleaning. 

What problems can be experienced during cleaning?

One of the worst things that can happen to you during cleaning is – leaving it until the last minute. For many people, cleaning is boring and time-consuming, which is why they keep postponing it. Yet, the more time passes, the harder it is to clean. Eventually, you will find yourself in a situation where you need to scrub the whole house in just one day.

It’s a good idea to plan cleaning in advance, but also to maintain and tidy your home environment on a daily basis, cleaning and picking up clutter as you go. This way, you won’t allow dirt, dust, and clutter to accumulate.

However, some other problems may also come up while cleaning your home. Fortunately, these can be easily avoided. 

What should you not do when cleaning?

There are easily noticeable indications when it’s time for a complete home cleaning. When this time comes, knowing how to avoid common cleaning mistakes will help you boost your and your family’s health. To make your cleaning more efficient, experts have compiled a list of mistakes that homeowners often make:

  1. Not cleaning your vacuum cleaner: Change bags or water regularly so that the vacuum cleaner doesn’t return dust and dirt back into the room or start to smell over time.
  2. Using a feather duster: Use a microfiber cloth instead because it collects and removes dust incomparably better.
  3. Not using bleach on wooden cutting boards: In order not to develop bacteria and avoid food cross-contamination, it’s good to soak a cutting board in a bleach-based solution after use.
  4. Overloading the dishwasher/washing machine: If you overload your appliances, they won’t be able to achieve the best possible results. Look at the instructions again to check the capacity of your dishwasher or washing machine.
  5. Using the same cloths too often: You can’t do all of your cleaning with just one or two rags. Even if a piece of cloth doesn’t appear to be old or dirty, it should still be replaced regularly.
  6. Mixing incompatible cleaning products: Be careful and read the labels on the disinfectants you use. Bleach and ammonia are a good example of a terrible combination. That’s why glass cleaners should never be mixed with bleach, as many of them contain ammonia.

Where can I schedule the top deep house cleaning service in Fort Collins?

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8 Tips for Deep Cleaning Your House in One Day

Performing certain chores every day is necessary to maintain hygiene. However, in order for your home to really shine, it’s necessary to give it a thorough deep cleaning. This in-depth approach will help you ensure the health and comfort of your family.

Whether you decide to book top-grade deep house cleaning services in Fort Collins or you plan to do your own cleaning, one of the questions you will probably ask is: can you deep clean your home within 24 hours? It’s possible, of course, especially if you clean regularly since this will help you finish faster.

If you’ve noticed the first hints that your home needs a deep cleaning and you are not sure where and how to start with such an in-depth treatment, it’s best and easiest to leave it to professionals. Not only would you save valuable time, but you’ll also avoid making some frequent slip-ups in cleaning. However, if you do decide to tackle deep cleaning on your own, here’s how you can do it in just one day.

What is the fastest way to deep clean a house?

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to cleaning your home both thoroughly and quickly. The deep cleaning process is complex and requires a lot of time and energy. If your obligations don’t allow you to devote several hours to cleaning, it may be best to hire a reliable team of experts.

Nonetheless, while deep cleaning does require more time than the regular cleaning, you can take a few steps to make it more efficient and organized. This way, you’ll be able to speed things up a bit. 

How to deep clean your house in one day?

To have an efficient approach to cleaning, it’s best to prepare beforehand and have everything you need at your fingertips (all-purpose cleaners, rubber gloves, trash bags, cloths, broom, cleaning brush). Also, your favorite upbeat music playlist can help by boosting your energy and motivation to get this task done. 

The following are suggestions on how to clean your home as soon as possible:

  1. Wash dish and laundry first: It’s easiest to wash greasy dishes as soon as possible and do your laundry. By the time you finish cleaning one part of the house, your laundry and dishes will already be fresh.
  2. Always clean from top to bottom: Start up high from the ceilings and work your way down. This way, you will simply clean everything from the shelves and work surfaces and collect dust on the floor, picking it up easily.
  3. Clean from left to right: Start from one point in the room and end the cleaning in the same place. This way, you will not waste your time and needlessly walk around the room.
  4. Clear clutter: You can throw away old or broken items and put away those that you don’t use on a daily basis in their designated places.
  5. Tackle the kitchen: Clean and disinfect all kitchen countertops to prevent contamination and avoid foodborne illness and germs. Scrub the sink and wipe down appliances and cabinets. Clean the microwave, fridge, and oven (inside and out).
  6. Wipe down and vacuum your furniture: Clean your furniture using proper methods to avoid any possible damage. Also, don’t forget to clean behind and under it.
  7. Clean the bathroom: Disinfect the countertops, spray the toilet and tub with a cleaning solution, and polish all the mirrors and glass surfaces.
  8. Clean all floors: Finally, vacuum all the carpets and mop the floors, from one corner to another.

Where to book reliable deep house cleaning services across Fort Collins?

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Deep Cleaning: Where to Start & How to Do It Like a Pro

Deep cleaning your house may be a demanding and time-consuming task, especially if you do it on your own. You need to take care of a range of different tasks, as well as gather various supplies such as detergents, disinfectants, mops, cloths, and more. You also need to plan how to deep clean your home and where to start to minimize the amount of time you need for such a thorough cleaning.

Of course, if you’re too busy or simply want to explore the charms of Fort Collins, CO, for example, you can always call a team of experienced professionals to handle your deep house cleaning. However, in case you decide to do the job yourself, take a look at some guidelines on how professionals do it and how they avoid typical cleaning lapses.

Where do you start when deep cleaning a house?

Whether you haven’t cleaned your home in a while or simply need to give it a thorough scrub in less than a day, one of the first things that comes to mind is where to start. You can come up with a daily cleaning routine and you will make it much easier for yourself. While you should take care of each area of your home, you should particularly pay attention to the following rooms that get a lot of foot traffic: 

  • The kitchen
  • The bathroom
  • The living room/bedroom

Keep in mind that the same rules generally apply to all rooms. It is typically advised to start cleaning the kitchen first, but you won’t go wrong if you start from another room. It’s important to go task-by-task rather than room-by-room. Here are a few simple guidelines: 

  1. Come up with a system

It is crucial to have a methodical system when deep cleaning your entire home. Try to start and finish in one place, cleaning from left to right. You will save time and energy since you won’t keep going back and forth. Also, make sure to gather all the supplies you need before starting the process to avoid any interruptions. 

  1. Clean from top to bottom

When cleaning your home, make sure to start from the top of each room – the ceiling. This way, you will prevent dust from falling onto the clean surfaces. This way, you can work your way down to the floors and clean everything thoroughly. 

  1. Tackle the windows

Make sure not to skip the windows and wash them with some soap and water to remove stains. Finish by using a small rubber wiper to remove any traces of water. While wiping, use vertical strokes to eliminate possible swirl marks. 

  1. Wipe the grease

Accumulated kitchen grease from preparing food is another important task to tackle during a deep clean. You can easily remove it by using appropriate cleaning products. Clean all the appliances, countertops, and cabinets. 

For hard stains, you can use a mixture of baking soda and water and rub lightly. You can use the same procedure for cleaning stubborn stains in the bathroom. 

  1. Remove mold

If you want to take your deep cleaning to another level, removing traces of mold is another step you should tackle. Mold infestation is most common in the bathroom, but it can occur in other areas of your home that aren’t properly ventilated. 

There is a cleaning trick that involves hydrogen peroxide – apply it and let it sit for five minutes. It will destroy the fungi, allowing you to wipe them out with toilet paper. 

However, it’s important to mention that mold infestation can be a serious problem and health hazard, so you may need to consider calling the pros if you’re not sure how to handle it. 

  1. Finish with the floors and carpets

Leave the floors for last. Sweep and mop them when you are done with everything else. Vacuum the carpets thoroughly to be sure they are absolutely clean.

How do you deep clean a house like a professional?

While these steps can help you deep clean your home, you may not be able to do it like an experienced professional. After all, they have proper training and specialized equipment to tackle these types of tasks. So, when it comes to thorough deep cleaning, it may be best to turn to people who specialize in this kind of work. 

Who is the #1 in Fort Collins, CO for deep house cleaning?

If you’ve noticed any indication that you need professional deep cleaning assistance, feel free to schedule an appointment with certified professionals – Reliable Cleaning Services of Fort Collins. Our team has almost two decades of experience in the industry, as well as a lot of projects and satisfied customers under our belt. Our team will do its best to meet your needs and give your home the deep clean it deserves. While we handle the cleaning, you can relax or pay a visit to the Lindenmeier Site. Use our simple online booking platform to request a quote today!

6 Signs You Need to Book a Deep Cleaning Service

Every homeowner is different, but they all share a common aspiration for a clean and tidy home. You certainly have to put in a lot of hard work to get your little oasis in order. More often than not, you have to devote more time to house cleaning and maintenance than you think. 

While you can clean everything on your own, this can be a time- and energy-consuming task. That is why many homeowners in Fort Collins, or anywhere else for that matter, reach out to professionals for assistance with deep house cleaning. So, you can also reach out to the experts as soon as you notice some common signs that your home needs a deep clean

When should you clean everything in your house?

In order to make your home shine, you need to maintain it on a regular basis. However, there are several reasons why you should schedule professional cleaning services. This will give you the following three benefits:

  • You will remove all the dirt from your home and get a fresh start.
  • It will enable you to maintain your home easily in the long run.
  • You will be absolutely delighted with the result for which you did not have to work hard.

And when should you reach out to expert cleaners? There are a few simple signs that will tell you when to book professional deep cleaning.

  1. If your home hasn’t been cleaned for a long time

When was the last time you thoroughly scrubbed every nook and cranny and vacuumed every part of your house? If you haven’t thoroughly cleaned your house in a while because you didn’t have time, or for any other reason, it’s time to call the pros for a deep cleaning service and let them give your home an in-depth treatment.

  1. If you have no time for regular and detailed cleaning

It is almost impossible to achieve everything in one day, especially when you need to clean your home from top to bottom. Are you so tired that you have neither the strength nor the plan where to start cleaning? Then, why not reach out to professionals? 

  1. If you have a big family

A large family and pets especially require extra attention when it comes to hygiene. You should clean and disinfect the house more regularly in such circumstances because it gets dirty faster and more often.

  1. If you’re expecting guests 

What if your guests suddenly announce themselves and you need the house to shine in one day? Fortunately, there is a solution for that as well. Scheduling professional cleaning services can turn out to be a good idea. 

  1. If you’re experiencing health issues

Possible health issues are one of the biggest warning signs that you should schedule professional deep cleaning. For instance, constant sneezing, runny nose, eye irritation, coughing, and similar allergic reactions may be caused by accumulated dust in your home. 

  1. If you notice any unpleasant smells 

Everyone loves a fresh, aromatic scent a house gets after a thorough clean. However, if you haven’t cleaned your home in a while, it may get a stale or even moldy smell. Sometimes, it’s difficult to notice it after a while if you get used to it. So, pay attention to this and if you notice an unpleasant smell, it may be time to call the pros. 

Who offers Fort Collins’ best deep house cleaning?

How nice would it be to come back from a walk and find your home clean and tidy? And while you enjoy some charming photos at Center For Fine Art Photography, a team of experienced home cleaners will polish your home by the time you come back. This way, not only will you save valuable time and energy, but you’ll also avoid some common problems that you may encounter during cleaning.

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4 Things to do Before House Cleaners Arrive

House cleaning is tedious and time-consuming work. Your everyday life leaves little room for such chores, so you’ve made the wise decision to outsource and hire a professional cleaning service. 

As you are getting ready for the cleaners to arrive, you may be asking yourself, should you tidy up a bit? Of course your house is messy. There’s no reason to feel shame because, after all, you wouldn’t be hiring a cleaning service if you didn’t need the help. However, there are certain things you can do to make it easier on the maids and maximize the final outcome. Take a proactive approach and help the cleaners before they arrive.

If it’s your first time hiring a professional cleaning service in Fort Collins, read on to find some of the ways you can make yourself useful and assist the cleaners in the process.

What do you clean before cleaning?

You may be wondering what the proper cleaning etiquette is when dealing with a professional cleaning service. One of the most common homeowner dilemmas has to do with tidying up before the maid’s arrival. 

Is pre-cleaning your home really necessary? If you are paying an hourly rate, the time cleaners spend picking up things and clearing the way isn’t what you would consider time well spent. Keep in mind that you hired the cleaning service to do actual cleaning work, not waste time picking up toys or clothing off the floor.

  1. Make a list of tasks

When you have cleaners coming over for the first time, it’s best to be prepared. Be clear about what type of cleaning you need for your home beforehand. This way, the cleaning company and whoever they send over will know precisely what to expect, how long it will take, and avoid any misunderstanding. The maids will appreciate knowing your top priorities, so prepare a written list of tasks you would like the maids to execute. As most seasoned cleaners have their own way and order of doing things, walk them through your home and let them know if they should focus on any areas in particular.

  1. Pick up clutter

One of the main tasks of a professional cleaner will be to vacuum every room. Make it easier on them by removing clutter off the floors. Toys, shoes, clothing, and magazines should be put back where they belong. This way, you won’t run the risk of the maid picking up something and moving it somewhere where the item is misplaced and harder to find. 

  1. Move the furniture

Due to strict maid service rules and restrictions on moving and lifting things, your cleaner might not be permitted to move or lift your furniture. To allow easier access to those hard to reach spots, give them a hand with the furniture. Move the sofa and cabinets slightly towards the center of the room, so the maid can actually get to every nook and cranny. 

  1. Put away your valuables

Whether it’s cash lying around, sensitive documents or expensive pieces of jewelry, you should secure them just in case. When you are hiring a reputable company, you have nothing to worry about. Still, you are thinking responsibly, so tuck them away just in case.

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Your Guide to House Cleaning Etiquette

With a fast-paced lifestyle taking a toll on your everyday routine, you may have found yourself not being able to take care of the simplest of household chores. It’s probably not a bad idea to say goodbye to the repetitive cleaning around your home and let professional cleaners take over. If it’s your first time hiring a cleaning service, it’s vital that you learn some basic house cleaning etiquette rules

If you’re a Fort Collins resident looking for reputable maids, make sure you hire a trustworthy and top-rated cleaning company. Look for recommendations from friends and family, as well as online reviews, to get a better understanding of who you’ll be letting into your home. With this being your first time hiring a professional maid service, there are lingering questions that every savvy homeowner needs answers to. 

Do I stay home when someone cleans your house? 

Whether or not you should stay home depends on several factors. Some cleaning companies require that the homeowner is present for the duration of the cleaning. The majority of house cleaners, however, prefer not having household members around while they operate. No one likes feeling as if someone is watching them while they work. 

Professional house cleaners have routines and ways they go about their work. With you sticking around, it’ll only cause disruption and subsequently affect the maid’s performance and efficiency. It may also come off as wanting to micromanage their performance. This may generate a sense of mistrust between the client and the cleaner. Just like any successful relationship, that of the homeowner and house cleaner is built on trust and good communication. 

How much do I tip a cleaning person?

What is the tipping policy when hiring a professional home cleaner? Let’s look into this age-old question. Whether you should you tip your maid depends on four factors:

  • Tipping policy: Many companies pay their staff a higher wage to eliminate the need for tipping. Other companies already include tips in their service rates. If you are unsure what to do, simply ask what the company policy is. 
  • Self-employed or agency: Are you hiring an individual cleaner that is self-employed or going through a larger agency? Self-employed cleaners have the flexibility to set their own rates and type of service and do not have a fixed company salary. Therefore, tipping is not expected for individual cleaners. 
  • Type of service: Is it a recurring service or a one-time clean? If it’s the latter, you aren’t expected to tip a cleaner you won’t see again. If you have a cleaner coming to your home weekly, you might want to tip them occasionally. You may want to consider tipping a larger monthly amount instead of smaller ones every week. 
  • Quality of work: If you are satisfied with the work your cleaners have performed, it’s always good to show your appreciation. A generous tip will let them know you value their effort and skills.

If you are not sure if tipping is a good idea, you can always show your gratitude by tidying up and getting your home ready for the maid’s arrival.

Do cleaners bring their own supplies or do I provide them?

Many house cleaners bring their supplies, but it varies from company to company. Most cleaning services rely on their own products, which are often eco and pet-friendly. If you are particularly choosy with the products you’d like to be used in your home, let the service know. In most cases, they’ll comply with your requirements. The one thing that you will probably be asked to provide is a working vacuum cleaner. In case you don’t have one, a good cleaning service company always has one readily available.

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7 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Cleaning Service

In this day and age, your free time is your most valuable commodity. Fast-paced living and not enough room on your schedule, it’s becoming ever more purposeful to hire a professional service for your house cleaning needs. What was once considered a luxury is slowly becoming the norm for everyday people. 

Whether you’re in need of a detailed, one-time clean or something on a more regular basis, hiring a cleaning service to do your housekeeping is the logical solution. However, there are things to consider before you can be sure you are hiring the best maids for your home in Fort Collins.

What do I need to know before hiring a cleaning service?

Inviting someone into your most personal space can be daunting and may feel like a total invasion of privacy. Hiring a cleaning service company raises a whole slew of questions. Luckily, knowing what to look for can make the process easier. 

1. Referrals & online reviews 

Start off by inquiring about maids your family and friends use. Referrals offer you a direct glimpse into how a cleaning company operates. You’ll instantly feel more at ease knowing people you trust are happy with their maid experience.

Just as you would for a movie or a restaurant, take a look at online reviews to read what other clients say about your potential cleaning service. They, too, can paint a clearer picture and let you know how reputable the company actually is.

2.  Service offers 

Before you’ve agreed to anything, make sure to raise the question of the services that are on offer. What does a regular or recurring cleaning look like? What defines a detailed deep cleaning of the house? Knowing in advance what tasks the cleaners will perform allows for a smoother and honest relationship. If cleaning companies offer custom requests, being able to customize your cleaning to suit your requirements is a definite plus. 

3. Cleaning Costs 

The question on most people’s minds when it comes to a professional cleaning is the cost. Are you paying by the hour, or is a flat fee available? There are pros and cons to each option. On the one hand, if you are paying by the hour, there’s the concern that the cleaner will stretch out tasks. On the other, a flat rate fee can make the housekeeper hastily perform their duties. Bring up these doubts with the cleaning service to find the best solution.

4. Cleaning products 

If you are hiring an expert cleaning service, it’s the rule of thumb that the maids provide and bring their own cleaning supplies. Ask if the products they use are pet and eco-friendly, and let them know if you or someone in the house may have allergies to certain cleaning products.

5. Bonding and insurance

In case of damage, theft, or injury during cleaning, who pays for it? Most professional cleaning services have both types of coverage, and their cleaners are bonded and insured. Confirm with the company to eliminate the risk of you having to cover these costs. 

6. Trust and communication

Do your due diligence, and ask to interview candidates for the cleaning job. This is someone you are inviting into your home, presumably regularly. The good idea is to request a trial period, to get to know each other and see if they meet your expectations. 

Communication is the key to any fruitful relationship, with the cleaner, and the cleaning company. The cleaning service should be willing to discuss issues and suggestions that may arise. It’s a two-way street, and the client should abide by certain cleaning etiquette rules. For instance, you can help out your cleaner by tidying your home before your cleaning appointment, picking up everyday clutter, or washing the dishes before the maid arrives.

7. Satisfaction guarantee 

A credible cleaning company will always stand behind its work and cleaners. If you are not satisfied with an aspect of their services, what are they willing to do to remedy it? Choose the company that will rectify their mistakes through a touch-up or a re-clean, free of charge.

Who are the best maids across Fort Collins and nearby areas?

Once you’ve decided it’s time for you to reach out to professional cleaners, it’s important to pick a trustworthy and reputable company for your house cleaning. With almost two decades of experience, our dependable maids in Fort Collins are renowned for their hard work, efficient cleaning, and excellent customer service. Reliable Cleaning Service of Fort Collins offers customizable basic as well detailed cleans, move in/move out, and office cleaning services for residential and commercial properties alike. Get in touch with your favorite maids, and let us work our magic. Meanwhile, why not take a trip to the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery for some family fun? Your spotlessly clean home will be waiting for you!

5 Signs It’s Time to Hire Professional Cleaners

Ever feel like you’ve had enough of the endless chores around the house? Your free time is becoming non-existent, and you’re simply tired of the never-ending loop of house cleaning. You are not alone, plenty of homeowners feel the exact same way.

You might be wondering what the tell-tale signs you need to hand over your house cleaning duties to professional cleaners in Fort Collins are. Freeing up your schedule should be your top priority. Read on to determine if hiring an expert maid service is a step towards your happiness and a stress-free lifestyle.

When should I hire a house cleaner?

Struggling to balance your home life with work overload inevitably puts a strain on your ability to cope with the endless chores around the house. Thinking about hiring a professional cleaning service? If you recognize yourself in the list below, perhaps it’s time to make a much-needed change.

  1. Working full-time 

There’s only so much you can do in a 24-hour cycle. If you are working a 9-5 shift, you are coming home after a stressful day. With little to no energy, it’s hard to muster enough willpower to do the things you enjoy, let alone cleaning. 

  1. Family is expanding

With a baby on the way and a toddler in the home already doing what kids usually do, your private life takes a backseat. No more date nights, no more dinners for two. Cooking and cleaning take center stage and become an overwhelming chore that drains your energy, day in and day out.

  1. You love entertaining 

If you are the outgoing type that loves having company over, you realize that you can’t invite guests to a dirty home. No matter the occasion, if it’s just a small gathering, a dinner party, or you have friends out of town for the weekend, once they leave, you are left with the task of cleaning up. Knowing you’ve got the professional cleaners on the case takes the load off your shoulders and allows you to focus on the entertainment.

  1. No time for hobbies

Making the time to do things that bring you joy is an essential part of everyone’s life. Whether it’s reading, painting or playing video games, your free time should be spent on the things you love. Instead, you’re stuck doing repetitive house cleaning chores over the weekend. 

  1. You don’t want to clean

You’ve probably reached a boiling point, and just the thought of putting cleaning gloves on is taking your stress levels through the roof. You realize there’s more to life and that it’s time to let a pro take over. Devote your time to the things you love and never think about picking up a vacuum again. 

Who are the #1 cleaners in Fort Collins and the vicinity?

Don’t let cleaning take a toll on your home life, and consider outsourcing your household duties. Your locally owned and operated cleaning service is here to relieve you of the boring chores, so you can focus on your loved ones, hobbies and all other activities you enjoy doing. Our expert cleaners have been servicing Fort Collins and north Colorado communities for over a decade. We run a pet and eco-friendly business, covering basic and deep cleaning, office and post-construction cleaning, move in/move out and office cleans which are customizable to your preferences.

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