Laporte Detailed Cleaning

 Our detailed cleaning service is usually performed for special occasions, a first time cleaning of a home that will go on to regular cleanings, fall/spring/deep cleaning, preparing a house for market or just a onetime cleaning. We will tailor this list so that it is specific to your needs, and budget. Let our teams do the dirty work for you! 

What We'll Do For You


  • Removing as much clutter from the counters and top of fridge will help your cleaners be as efficient with time as possible.
  • High dusted for cobwebs and dust on tops of cabinets, recessed lighting and hanging lights
  • The fridge gets a total outside cleaning, top to bottom, sides, door (Inside is extra).
  • The stove gets a total outside detailing (top, front, knobs, backsplash). The top of hood (We will do what we can do with the underside of hood, depending on the level of grease build up and time allowed), and lower drawer will be detailed as well.
  • Cabinets and backsplash will be thoroughly cleaned.
  • All lights and fans will be dusted.
  • Window above sink and sill will be wet wiped
  • Microwave will be cleaned inside and out, including the vent.
  • Light switches, will be thoroughly cleaned as well as spot wiping walls
  • Floors will be detailed including baseboards
  • Top, spindles, and legs of tables and chair
  • Glass doors and insets will be cleaned inside and outside
  • Sliding glass door tracks will be cleaned


  • Front and back of doors, light switches, baseboards, lights and any other fixtures will be wiped down
  • All tile and grout will be scrubbed and wiped dry. Mold and soap scum will be dealt with to the best of our ability. Bleach is only used if needed. All glass will be polished streak free, except for hard water stains.
  • Front of cabinets will be cleaned
  • Toilet will be thoroughly cleaned, including water valve in back, inside will be thoroughly cleaned using a pumice stone if need be
  • Floors will be detail cleaned, including grout if applicable and time allows
  • Towels and toiletries will be folded and staged
  • Trash can and paper holder will be wiped clean


  • All recessed lighting, fans and ceiling/upper walls get attention for dust and cobwebs
  • Blinds, in good condition, will be feather dusted. If the blinds are very dusty, it may take several cleanings for the blinds to look their best. If arrangements have been made, and your blinds are in good condition, we may wet wipe your blinds. Over time, blinds and strings/cords will become brittle and weakened from exposure to the sun and wear and tear of usage resulting in damage or breaks. In some cases, it can be cheaper to replace blinds than to clean.
  • Window sills all get wet wiping, along with baseboards and spot cleaning the walls and light switches
  • Vents and fireplaces will get dusted with feather and high duster as we are able
  • We clean entry doors and sliding glass doors inside and out, as well as the tracks
  • Lightweight furniture and items are moved during floor cleaning, and furniture is cleaned underneath. Carpet, area rugs, edges and stairs, are vacuumed
  • Hard surface floors are vacuumed, or dust mopped before wet mopping.
  • Hard surface floors are mopped
  • Hardwood floors are dried after mopping
  • Handrails and banister get wet wiped
  • If accessible, and safe, areas around and under electronics will be feather dusted

Why We Love Laporte

Laporte, Colorado is a fun, family-friendly community full of great people and great local businesses. This town provides everything a family needs for unique opportunities and fun nights out. For some fresh air and a break from your busy day of work, parks near Laporte like Lion’s Open Space is the perfect spot to slow down and soak up the sun. Adults can check out Ten Bears Winery for some unique wines and a fun night with your friends or family. The unique parks, wineries, restaurants and other opportunities make Laporte a great spot for families and for business. We’re happy to be here, and we’re looking forward to continuing our business with this gracious local community.

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