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Our company is a reputable provider of thorough office cleaning services in Windsor and nearby communities. When you book our service you’ll receive the following benefits:
  • Your associates will work in a healthier space
  • Your clients will have a better impression of your company
  • It will produce a positive impact on the productivity rates
  • Your team will perform with greater enthusiasm
With our experts in your corner, you’ll have a chance to create a welcoming and hygienic work environment, where your staff can be motivated and remain healthy.

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    Why Windsor business owners prefer our office cleaning service

    Easy scheduling

    Our online scheduling platform is user friendly and safe. Your session can be arranged in a matter of minutes.

    Dedicated support

    If you have any doubt or complaint, our friendly client support line is at your disposal. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback!

    We vouch quality

    We know how important it is to keep our clients happy with the quality of our work. This is why we have a 100% guarantee policy in place.

    Best value for money

    We charge transparently, without additional fees. Your workplace will be cleaned efficiently, with specialized products.

    Meticulous packages that suit your coworkers

    Business owners in Windsor and surrounding communities can count on our experts to have their workspace ready for the next week. We can work around your daily schedule or you can call us and we can set up a session. Here’s an overview of the process:


    Schedule your session online with zero hassle, or give us a call and we’ll arrange it for you.


    Our experts will be there as agreed and tackle all surfaces, making your workspace shine.


    You and your coworkers will enjoy the perks of a healthier and more welcoming work environment.

    Striving to the highest standards

    With our flexible team, you can be sure that your office cleaning service will be adjusted to the requirements of your workplace. We vouch for the quality of the work provided. If any of our team members misses a spot in your business premises in Windsor or performs under the expected level, or if you’re not entirely satisfied with the results, report this to our customer support. We’ll arrange a re-clean as soon as possible, free of additional fees.

    Seasoned experts that specialize in office cleaning in Windsor

    Our recruitment strategy is all about finding the finest candidates that are motivated, skillful and dependable. Our goal isn’t just to do the job thoroughly, but that you have no doubts about the safety of your workspace. Our team is composed of screened and background checked experts. We have the know-how and necessary equipment to tackle all areas. In addition, we train our cleaners to follow our client-focused approach.

    Our clients gladly share their stories

    We love the service. The cleaners definitely are reliable and detail orientated. They are always at our house when we expect them to be, and it is such a pleasure to come home to a clean house.

    Dave & Louann Fort Collins, CO

    I have used Reliable Cleaning Services for over a year, after trying several others. I love the fact that they clean in a group of three. When I used just one person, a lot of things were missed. With three people they really concentrate on each room thoroughly! The name “reliable” fits them great. They have never missed an appointment and have worked with me when my schedule does not allow to have them on a certain day. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Donna Windsor, CO

    I really appreciate Reliable Cleaning customizing their cleaning according to what my needs are. They also do a smaller, special project for me each time they clean which is greatly appreciated!

    Joanne Fort Collins, CO

    We have really appreciated the services that we get from the team at Reliable Cleaning. The ladies are great.

    J.W. Fort Collins, CO

    Reliable Cleaning has been the perfect answer to our prayers. We are new to Fort Collins and find the cleaning crew with Reliable to be courteous and friendly. They do a great job cleaning and are able to do whatever we might ask to be done. They do not smoke which is a bonus to us as we are allergic to smoke.

    Julia Fort Collins, CO

    I’ve been with Reliable Cleaning for over 4 years. They are very reliable, do a great job, and have reasonable rates. They are very flexible and accommodating with scheduling issues. They care about their customers and go the extra mile for them. When I had surgery, the girls were so kind and did all kinds of extra tasks while I recovered. Five stars!

    Suzan Fort Collins, CO

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Residential cleaners handle houses and apartments, tackling all open surfaces, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room areas and hallways. On the other hand, commercial cleaners specialize in various types of corporate buildings, retail stores, studios, and other production areas. Office cleaning covers all open areas of the workspace, desks, dressing rooms, canteen, lobby etc.

    To make sure that your office cleaning has lasting results, you should make a thorough plan. Consider first decluttering and removing everything from open surfaces: desks, floors and baseboards.

    Check the items you have gathered, to see if they are in good condition. Dispose of any leftover waste. Vacuum the furniture and carpets. Wipe down all computer screens, sanitize desks and high traffic areas.

    If you notice that clutter is building up in some areas, try rearranging the workspace. Make use of shelves, boxes, and dividers. After you’ve cleaned the surfaces, carpets, and furniture, put them back in place. Make a daily upkeep plan and delegate responsibilities among your coworkers.

    To keep your workspace clean for a longer period of time, call us to arrange an optimal maintenance schedule.

    When you arrange for a thorough office cleaning in Windsor, the list of tasks should include:

    • Wipe computer screens
    • Vacuuming and washing carpets
    • Vacuum and dust keyboards.
    • Recycle paper and empty trash cans.
    • Vacuum floors around and under desks and tables.
    • Dusting blinds and wiping window screens
    • Disinfecting high-contact surfaces and items, such as: lamps, keyboards, light fixtures, fax machines, staplers, and more.

    Please note that the list can vary according to the size of your workspace, your requirements, number of employees and equipment.

    Any high-traffic area is prone to build up a lot of dirt, dust, and grime. This is an ideal environment for development of mites, bacteria, and various allergens. This is usually the case with carpets. For this reason, a thorough office cleaning is recommended at least every 6 months.

    The best way to remove dirt and stains from office carpets is to cover it with paper towels or dry microfiber cloths. Then you should generously soak in baking soda and specialized agents. If the stains appear to be too resistant, it’s best to outsource the task to seasoned experts that specialize in office cleaning. By doing this you’ll ensure a healthy environment.

    Whether your business is located near the First Methodist Episcopal Church or the Windsor Town Hall, you can count on Reliable Cleaning Services. Our specialists are equipped and trained to carry out and leave your workspace hygienic. We’re renowned for assisting many loyal clients with cleaning throughout Windsor and other communities in Colorado, including Fort Collins, Severance, Laporte, Loveland, and Timnath.

    Apart from keeping your office space in good shape, we offer a variety of other services to local residents:

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for a free in-house consultation and a reasonable quote. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you!