Detail-Oriented House Cleaning Services in Laporte, CO

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There are numerous advantages you can receive if you book with us:

  • A fresh and healthy home environment for you and your family
  • Thorough house cleaning helps control allergens and contaminants
  • Professional cleaning reduces dander and dust alleviating respiratory issues
  • Maid service lowers the amount of mildew and mold.

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    What makes us the #1 house cleaning service in Laporte

    Seamless booking

    We have created an easy-to-use and intuitive online booking platform to help you schedule our house cleaning services.

    Locally owned

    We’re constantly trying to find new ways to give back to our local community in Laporte and show our appreciation and commitment to excellence.

    Prioritizing satisfaction

    We’re looking for new ways to improve our client’s satisfaction with our comprehensive cleaning service efforts.

    Exceptional support

    Our customer support staff is there to closely listen to your demands and provide a personally tailored service.

    Here's how we get it done

    Our professional cleaners use a proven process design to handle your chores in a time-efficient way, bringing you lasting results.


    Book easily in just a few clicks or via a phone call. Our team will do their best to work around your schedule.


    Our experienced cleaners will come to your house at the agreed time, ready to get down to business.


    You get more time to spend with your loved ones while we cater to your unique housekeeping needs.

    Meet your trusted & dependable house cleaners

    Reliable Cleaning Services of Fort Collins is your reputable provider of high-quality house cleaning services in Laporte and surrounding neighborhoods. Our experienced and trustworthy experts will give your home a thorough scrub and ensure your household is fresh and healthy to live in. All our cleaners are fully bonded and insured and they undergo detailed background checks before being invited to join our team. We want you to feel safe allowing our professionals to enter your home and provide a premium house cleaning service.

    There’s nothing more important than your complete satisfaction

    We place utmost importance on the satisfaction of our customers. That is the reason why we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all the house cleaning services in Laporte and the nearby areas. If there’s something you’re not entirely happy with, give us a call as soon as possible and tell us what the problem is. We will dispatch a cleaning professional to take care of the issue completely free of charge. This is our way of expressing our commitment to your satisfaction and showing you that we believe in the quality of our cleaning services.

    This is what our clients say

    We love the service. The cleaners definitely are reliable and detail orientated. They are always at our house when we expect them to be, and it is such a pleasure to come home to a clean house.

    Dave & Louann Fort Collins, CO

    I have used Reliable Cleaning Services for over a year, after trying several others. I love the fact that they clean in a group of three. When I used just one person, a lot of things were missed. With three people they really concentrate on each room thoroughly! The name “reliable” fits them great. They have never missed an appointment and have worked with me when my schedule does not allow to have them on a certain day. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Donna Windsor, CO

    I really appreciate Reliable Cleaning customizing their cleaning according to what my needs are. They also do a smaller, special project for me each time they clean which is greatly appreciated!

    Joanne Fort Collins, CO

    We have really appreciated the services that we get from the team at Reliable Cleaning. The ladies are great.

    J.W. Fort Collins, CO

    Reliable Cleaning has been the perfect answer to our prayers. We are new to Fort Collins and find the cleaning crew with Reliable to be courteous and friendly. They do a great job cleaning and are able to do whatever we might ask to be done. They do not smoke which is a bonus to us as we are allergic to smoke.

    Julia Fort Collins, CO

    I’ve been with Reliable Cleaning for over 4 years. They are very reliable, do a great job, and have reasonable rates. They are very flexible and accommodating with scheduling issues. They care about their customers and go the extra mile for them. When I had surgery, the girls were so kind and did all kinds of extra tasks while I recovered. Five stars!

    Suzan Fort Collins, CO

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Finding the right house cleaning company in Laporte and the nearby areas largely depends on your specific needs and requirements. However, there are some questions you can ask your potential house cleaners to see whether or not they offer a high standard of service:

    • Do you screen and check your employees? You want to hire a cleaning service that performs detailed vetting procedures for all their prospective employees.
    • Are your cleaners insured and bonded? You should hire a company that employs insured and bonded house cleaners.
    • Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee? A satisfaction guarantee will ensure you receive a first-rate service every single time.
    • Do your cleaners bring cleaning supplies? You don’t want to hire a company that doesn’t provide their own cleaning products.

    As the leading house cleaning company in Laporte, Reliable Cleaning Services of Fort Collins ticks all of these boxes. We carefully vet all our personnel, provide happiness guarantees, employ bonded and insured house cleaners, and equip them with high-quality cleaning supplies and tools. Contact us today!

    Standard, regular, or maintenance house cleaning is a type of service performed on a regular basis, mostly once a week. Reliable Cleaning Services of Fort Collins offers regular house cleaning services designed to tackle the usual housekeeping tasks to ensure your home stays clean and tidy year-round.

    It is difficult to state how long a house cleaning service will take without having more information on the specifics of your home and the potential personalization touches you want to implement. We take the following criteria into consideration when determining the duration of our standard house cleaning service in Laporte:

    • The size of the customer’s property
    • The level of current build-up
    • The specific request customers may have

    When a cleaning service thoroughly vets its prospective employees, it brings an added sense of trust and security. Exacting background and reference checks ensure that people who come to your home are trustworthy, reliable, and don’t have a criminal record. Knowing your home and personal possessions are in competent hands will afford you peace of mind and enable you to relax and enjoy your free time.

    You are not required to tip professional maid services in Laporte. However, while tips are not mandatory, it is always great to tip your cleaners and show them just how satisfied you are with their efforts. This will not only illustrate your appreciation but also serve as an incentive for your house cleaners to keep doing all they can to make you happy time and time again.

    If you’re trying to decide on an appropriate schedule for house cleaning services, there are a few things you should keep in mind, such as:

    • The size of your home
    • The amount of knick-nacks you have
    • The lifestyle you lead
    • The number of people in your household
    • The presence of children or pets
    • The level of cleanliness you expect

    If you live alone, rarely eat at home, and don’t entertain guests often, a bi-weekly cleaning service in Laporte may be enough to keep your home dirt-free. However, if you cook your meals, live in a large household, have pets or kids, welcome guests regularly, or work from home, it may be a better idea to opt for a weekly house cleaning to ensure that your living space stays healthy, cozy, and inviting.

    Not all cleaning companies use the same solutions or tools. In addition to relevant experience, appropriate training, and effective methods, the supplies your professionals use are key. Here at our cleaning company, we use only time-tested and safe products.

    If you’re looking for dedicated cleaning professionals to provide exceptional house cleaning services across Laporte and the surrounding communities, you should get in touch with Reliable Cleaning Services of Fort Collins. It doesn’t matter if you live near Horsetooth Reservoir or closer to the Lory State Park. Our experienced house cleaners will arrive at your address and take care of all the household tasks you have for them.

    However, we do not service only the areas close to Laporte. We’re also here to provide you with first-class maid service in Fort Collins, high-quality house cleaning services in Severance, and many other places in the Northern Colorado area. Wherever you need our meticulous cleaning services, we’re here for you. Reach out to us today and let us give your home a thorough scrub down!