Your Guide to House Cleaning Etiquette

With a fast-paced lifestyle taking a toll on your everyday routine, you may have found yourself not being able to take care of the simplest of household chores. It’s probably not a bad idea to say goodbye to the repetitive cleaning around your home and let professional cleaners take over. If it’s your first time hiring a cleaning service, it’s vital that you learn some basic house cleaning etiquette rules

If you’re a Fort Collins resident looking for reputable maids, make sure you hire a trustworthy and top-rated cleaning company. Look for recommendations from friends and family, as well as online reviews, to get a better understanding of who you’ll be letting into your home. With this being your first time hiring a professional maid service, there are lingering questions that every savvy homeowner needs answers to. 

Do I stay home when someone cleans your house? 

Whether or not you should stay home depends on several factors. Some cleaning companies require that the homeowner is present for the duration of the cleaning. The majority of house cleaners, however, prefer not having household members around while they operate. No one likes feeling as if someone is watching them while they work. 

Professional house cleaners have routines and ways they go about their work. With you sticking around, it’ll only cause disruption and subsequently affect the maid’s performance and efficiency. It may also come off as wanting to micromanage their performance. This may generate a sense of mistrust between the client and the cleaner. Just like any successful relationship, that of the homeowner and house cleaner is built on trust and good communication. 

How much do I tip a cleaning person?

What is the tipping policy when hiring a professional home cleaner? Let’s look into this age-old question. Whether you should you tip your maid depends on four factors:

  • Tipping policy: Many companies pay their staff a higher wage to eliminate the need for tipping. Other companies already include tips in their service rates. If you are unsure what to do, simply ask what the company policy is. 
  • Self-employed or agency: Are you hiring an individual cleaner that is self-employed or going through a larger agency? Self-employed cleaners have the flexibility to set their own rates and type of service and do not have a fixed company salary. Therefore, tipping is not expected for individual cleaners. 
  • Type of service: Is it a recurring service or a one-time clean? If it’s the latter, you aren’t expected to tip a cleaner you won’t see again. If you have a cleaner coming to your home weekly, you might want to tip them occasionally. You may want to consider tipping a larger monthly amount instead of smaller ones every week. 
  • Quality of work: If you are satisfied with the work your cleaners have performed, it’s always good to show your appreciation. A generous tip will let them know you value their effort and skills.

If you are not sure if tipping is a good idea, you can always show your gratitude by tidying up and getting your home ready for the maid’s arrival.

Do cleaners bring their own supplies or do I provide them?

Many house cleaners bring their supplies, but it varies from company to company. Most cleaning services rely on their own products, which are often eco and pet-friendly. If you are particularly choosy with the products you’d like to be used in your home, let the service know. In most cases, they’ll comply with your requirements. The one thing that you will probably be asked to provide is a working vacuum cleaner. In case you don’t have one, a good cleaning service company always has one readily available.

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